Perfect Places

The lead sentence of today’s New York Times “36 Hours” Friday travel feature reads: “A boarding pass to Sydney should come with a warning label: Beware, this city will have you questioning the quality of life in your hometown. Sydney has managed to skim the best parts of other cities and swirl them into a perfect blend of urban bliss.” The author goes on to extoll the beauty of the city, the cultural life, the nightlife, the gallery scene, the bars, the beaches and even the zoo.
I visited Sydney years ago, and while it wasn’t as cool then as it has become, I had much of the same impression.

Ironically, just yesterday I cyber-stumbled upon a travel feature about Boulder, where I live, written by Kansas City Star travel editor Alan Holder. He hung out at the Pearl Street Mall, wrote about the city’s natural beauty, sportiness, recreational opportunities and commitment to the environment. “Is Boulder too perfect?” he asked rhetorically.

It got me to re-appreciating the place that I live. When we host out-of-town guests, I see it through their eyes, but between guests, I enjoy Boulder’s attributes but admittedly take them from granted. Holder quoted Richard Polk, city council member and owner of the Pedestrian Shop, as saying, “The thing about Boulder is, if you’re lucky enough to live here, you’re lucky enough to live here.” Travel remains both a passion and a profession for me, but sometimes, I can get the same rush of being someplace special just by walking out of my door and looking at my city as others see it.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Places”

  1. Whereas a friend once said about my hometown, Dallas, “A nice place to live but I wouldn’t want to visit there.”

  2. I have to paraphrase this when describing Boulder. It’s a nice place to live AND to visit. I’m afraid that I’ve only visited greater Dallas when changing planes at DFW — and IMHO, airports don’t count. The best few times were when my son was little, and we happily killed a lot of time by riding those cool trains.

  3. Yes, the airport is what most people see. Next time, call me up. Dallas does have some nice little neighborhoods.

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