4 thoughts on “Hawaii’s Spectacular Sunset”

  1. Where you at my house? Just like the view from our front lanai. Hope your time in Hawaii was well spent.

    1. I was only at your house if you live at the Mauna Kea resort. In addition to gazing the wonderful view fom my balcony, as you seem to have done from your lanai, I am sift through the literature and my notes about the ancient Hawaiians, their practices and the sites that remain from their lives and culture. My room is a wonderful “office.”

    1. Sorry I didn’t approve right away. The day after I got back from Hawaii, I did laundry to get ready for a holiday weekend in the Colorado Rockies. From palm trees at sea level to lingering snowbanks at 10,000+ feet. Actually, the very best sunset with a really glowing red sky was on the 29th when I was driving back up to the airport from the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. I didn’t stop to take pix, but now, of course, I wish I had.

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