Jerusalem’s 9/11 Memorial Quiet & Uncrowded

Modest memorial honors 9/11 victims

By the  time the World Trade Center memorial was dedicated with great fanfare on September 11, 2011, in  Manhattan, the considerably more modest 9/11 Living Memorial a few miles outside of Jerusalem had been open for nearly two years. Of course, it is thousands of miles from the World Trade Center site. The Israeli memorial is a bronze depiction of an unfurling American flag on a granite base that includes a piece of steel from the WTC rubble.

9/11 Living Memorial just outside of Jerusalem.

Located on a plateau in the Arazim Valley, this modest memorial sits in the middle of a broad hillside plaza lined with a low wall containing all the victims’ names. It was paid for largely by the Jewish National Fund, which is best known for its remarkable tree-planting program.

A main highway is nearby, as is an expanding bicycle path. When it was dedicated in November 2009, “the event drew a crowd of 150-200 participants, including former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,” according  to a local report of the day.  U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham and Defense and Air Attache Colonel Richard Burgess took part in the dedication ceremony.

It is a worthy stop on a visit to “the golden city” of Jerusalem.

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