Elliott’s List of Top Travel Twitter Types

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Christopher Elliott is gathering readers’ opinions on his award-winning travel site, Elliott.org, on the best or favorite travel personalities in social media. Back in the early days of travel blogging before there was Twitter, Chris made his own selections without reader input, I was immensly flattered that this blog made his list for two years. He named Travel-Babel one of the “20 most inspiring travel blogs” in 2007 and one of the “50 travel blogs I can’t live without” in 2008. I haven’t been able to keep up with the travel blogging pace that has developed since then, so I’m no longer even a contender   –and my travel Tweets are fairly random and unpredictable.

Now it’s all about Twitter, and Elliott has released a list of the “13 Travel Personalities to Follow on Twitter in 2013.” They are  1. @WheresAndrew 2. @AnnieFitz 3. @petersgreenberg 4. @JourneyWoman 5. @Heather_Poole 6. @barbdelollis 7. @NathanKam 8. @TravelBlggr 9. @crankyflier 10. @LandLopers 11. @EarthXplorer 12. @FrequentlyFlyin 13. @CruiseRadio