Traveling Nannies’ Tips for Family Trips

Guest post from Carrie Dotson, Summer Nanny Jobs

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I took my infant son on his first road trip when he was only one month old, his first long flight from New York to Colorado when he was five months old, his first coast-to-coast flight at nine months and his first trip to Europe at nineteen months.  It was pre-9/11, pre-TSA screening and before airlines recommended or required car seats strapped into airline seats. Other than clothes, the kid and a lightweight collapsible stroller were all I took, transport-wise, so flying was logistically easier for everyone.

OTOH, it was also before there were all sorts of electronic entertainment gadgets. Fortunately, he was a good, smiling little guy who had no trouble eating, sleeping or being in unfamiliar places with strangers’ faces all around. Plus, I was a single mom for most of my son’s young years, so when I went somewhere, as often as not, I took him along. Not all little ones are so easy to travel with, so I present this helpful guest post  from Summer Nanny Jobs to help those of you whose baby might not have been born to travel.

Traveling with a Baby

Traveling with an infant doesn’t have to be stressful, provided you’re well prepared. Dress your baby in layers so that he won’t be too cold or too hot on the plane. Make sure to bring enough diapers, clothes and food for at least a day because you never know what kind of delays you may encounter. It’s important to have enough supplies on hand. Check out these 10 blogs to gain helpful tips from seasoned family travelers.

Airplane Travel with Toddlers and Older

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It can be difficult to travel with toddlers and older kids because they’re more likely to get bored and want to move around. Allow each child to carry on his own backpack or bag containing snacks, toys and a change of clothes to keep him or her busy on the plane. Bring along electronic devices and allow your child to watch as many cartoons as he or she wants. Now is not the time to fight against screen time. More ideas for what to bring along on the plane can be found on these blogs.                                          

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