Frontier’s New ‘Unreward’ Policies

EarlyReturns getting more restrictive & expensive.

Old Frontier logo as a tribute to old policies.
Old Frontier logo as a tribute to old policies.

Frontier Airlines’ EarlyReturns “unrewards” members with booking fees and other restrictions. Most galling, IMO, customers will now be slammed with a booking fee for travel using their hard-accumulated frequent flyer miles unless they do so at least six months in advance. Six months!

It recently overhauled its elite status tiers, so the new fee is — as the saying goes — adding insult to injury. All award travel is assessed federal taxes and U.S. Transportation Security Administration fees, and Frontier becomes the latest  to impose an additional fee.

As the Denver Post noted, “Frontier is presenting the change as a new perk for elite members who will have the fee waived, while also pointing to its competitors at Denver International Airport — including United Airlines and ultra-low-cost Spirit Airlines — both of which already charge passengers similar fees.”

United has gotten ever unfriendlier. I am currently in Europe on miles. I redeemed 60,000 miles each way in steerage. Not long ago, friends traveled to southern Africa in business class for 65,000 each way, and Spirit’s policies are so appalling that I just warn everyone not even to consider them. Many locals have been flying Frontier to support this Denver-based airline over Dallas-based Southwest, but with such changes, I’m betting that fewer will bother.