Spirit: The Grinchiest Airline of Them All

Low-fare airline ups baggage fees during the holidays.

Spirit-logoSpirit Airlines‘ aggressively promoted super-cheap air fares are, in reality, pumped up with outrageous add-ons for everything (including carryon bags) that can escalate the cost of a trip to stratospheric levels. Between December 18 and January 5, Spirit Airlines is increasing some of their already-ridiculous à la carte fees, charging an additional $2 per checked bag during the holiday travel season. Carry-ons save no money either, since Spirit charges anywhere from $26 to $100 for the privilege of lugging your own bag through the airport.

I believe it was FrequentFlyer.com that broke the story — or in any case, that’s how I first learned of it in “Spirit’s Xmas Present: Higher Bag Fees.” In his report, Tim Winship noted, “Ironically, Spirit has been on a quest to soften its image as the industry’s most rapacious nickel-and-dimer. Apparently, that P.R. initiative has been put on hold for the holidays.” Rapacious indeed.

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  1. According to a trade report, a group of passengers are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Spirit. “The plaintiffs in this case (DC Docket No 0:12-cv-61528-RNS) alleges Spirit Airlines conducted an enterprise by means of racketeering activity through mail and wire fraud involving the concealment and misrepresentation of airfares and user fees. That the carrier would offer cheap airfares and then tack on high baggage fees and other passenger fees resulting in a much higher ticket price then advertised.” Read more at http://www.eturbonews.com/50797/spirit-airlines-slapped-lawsuit

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