Reintroducing Keystone to a Friend

Easterner returns to her Western skiing roots.

keystone-logoPegi and I first met more than three decades ago when she worked for a public relations agency in New York and I was writing for and editing ski publications there. One of her accounts was Keystone — the Colorado resort then owned by Ralston-Purina (yes, the pet food people). She invited me on a press trip, where we discovered that we had sons of the same age, and we became fast friends, as did our boys. We even scheduled a ski vacation at Keystone — the adults and the little boys. The youngest went into the nursery, while the older two boys were in ski school.

We were in different time zones and yet have stayed in touch, visiting each other in New Jersey or Colorado when we could. Her family skied Vermont, where they had a place. One son became a ranked snowboarder, came to the University of Colorado but eventually returned to the East Coast for grad school.  Meanwhile, my family skied here in Colorado, and my son spent several winters teaching skiing.

When Pegi visited recently, we went to Keystone, which had changed beyond recognition. The frontside trails on Keystone Mountain were, of course, familiar. She was also familiar with the backside accessed by what was then the Teller lift and is now the Ruby lift, but North Peak and The Outback were yet to be developed.

We cruised around sightseeing our way from one lift pod to another and at the end of the day, roamed  around the base village. No images, since I forgot my camera and hadn’t gotten into using my cell phone to capture images. I occasionally do so now.