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Book celebrates America’s iconic travel trailer.

Airstream-cover.j[gI’ve never taken an actual trip that involved riding in a vehicle that was towing an Airstream, but I’ve seen plenty of them on the road. A few years ago, I spent several nights at the Shooting Star Drive-In, a clever resort in Escalante, Utah. Its accommodations are in these iconic travel trailers that are celebrating their 80th anniversary this year. Click here to read my post.

Turns out that Airstream is not only America’s best known manufacturer of trailers but also the oldest. Those retro silver coaches sport an unmistakable in design with distinctive aerodynamic rounded lines and an aluminum outer skin. Airstream: 80 Years of America’s Traveler celebrates the eight decades since the first Airstream graced America’s highways.

The book chronicles the fascinating history of Airstream trailers through a detailed history, stories and of course, beautiful photography. The first Airstream-brand trailers were introduced just as America was emerging from the dark days of the Great Depression. Of the 400 travel-trailer manufacturers of that era, only Airstream has survived.

Dubbed the “Airstream Clipper” after the first trans-Atlantic seaplane, that 1936 Airstream featured a unique lightweight aluminum body that cut down on wind resistance, improved fuel efficiency, and made for easier towing. It slept four, carried its own water supply, was fitted with electric lights and cost $1,200.

Airstream: America’s World Traveler by Patrick Foster is a 192-page hardcover book featuring 300 photos and will cost $45 when it is released in June. But you might not have to buy it, if you are the winner of a Travel-Babel contest with a copy of the book going to the winner. To enter, leave a comment to this post about you and Airstream –– one you’ve traveled with, wanted to travel with, spotted on a special trip or in an unusual situation. Fiction and poetry are welcome. Free your imagination and enter.

5 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Book About Airstream”

  1. There’s a teardrop version that I’ve always loved but will never own. Can’t see myself towing something. But I love the design of Airstream.

  2. Always wanted to own one of these classy RVs complete with a Ford 350 to tow it. Be like a turtle with my home on my back. Go everywhere. Meet our American travelers from the Atlantic to the Pacific–maybe even Canada and Mexico. Succumb to the lure of the road.

  3. The RV industry is on a roll again (pun intended). And there’s a solid movement involving female campers. A lot of them like restoring vintage camper trailers, but some of them are Airstreamers. The organizers at the RV trade association call the movement Girl Camping.

  4. I’ve had dinner at sunset overlooking the Pacific and then rested in the redwoods in a beautiful, sleek Airstream. I really appreciate the tiny home features. I love to see how Airstream owners customize theirs to suit their personalities and needs.

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