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IMPORTANT!! I require a JPG or PNG of the ad, maximum 170px x 170 px, with a border if the background is white. If you need assistance in creating your ad or converting it to a JPG or PNG please contact me at for details, specifications, or recommendations for graphic design artists.

To make a payment using PayPal, use the info below. Your PayPal receipt doesn’t include any additional instructions so once you have made your payment please simply forward your display ad along with any hyperlink you wish me to embed to The clock doesn’t start ticking on it until it is posted.  If you wish to pay by check please contact me for mailing instructions.

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  1. Hi Claire,

    I enjoyed your review of the Denver Maya exhibit. I went earlier this spring and have had a link to the museum’s exhibit page on my website.

    I live in Fort Collins and for the last nine years have been doing digital slide presentations about the Central America Maya and American Southwest Puebloans, featuring travel, culture and archaeology. I travel to all the sites in my presentations and photograph them for my shows.

    I am looking at ways to expand my customer base to new venues along the Front Range and beyond. I see that you offer advertising on your blog/website for very reasonable rates. I have never promoted myself this way before, so I would need some advice on how to package my ad for your requirements.

    Please check my website and let me know what you think about placing an ad on your site. Thanks!

    Richard Grant

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