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Reading My Way Into the Spirit of Greece

Travelers’ Tales taking me to ancient the ancient land before the plane does.

TT-GreeceIn June, my husband and I are going to Greece, which has been on my to-visit list forever. We snared a GroupOn  bargain that includes air out of New York, two nights each in Athens and on Mykonos and Santorini, and ferry transport between mainland and islands. It will be a quick trip to the touristic highlights — no time for leisurely travel or in-depth exploration. I have a couple of guidebooks, but since it’s a scheduled itinerary with prebooked lodging and ferries, we don’t need to do any research about such nitty-gritty. We just have decide where to eat and what to see and do in each place.

To get in the mood, I wanted a copy of Travelers’ Tales: Greece, published most recently in 2003 and now out of print. Though I really prefer to shop at the Boulder Book Store, I found used copies online and ordered one in excellent condition. When it arrived, the condition had not been exaggerated. The book showed no evidence that it had been read. The spine of this anthology was uncracked, and there were no dog-eared pages.  I think it was only been opened when someone wrote on the title page:

To Val & Ed
From Jean & Neil
Have a wonderful trip!

Did they ever go? Did they have a wonderful trip? I wonder about them, even as I know that we will, and I’m dipping into this anthology one essay at a time to get in the spirit for a short modern-day visit to this ancient land.