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Five Tranquil Getaways Around the World

Guest poster’s quintet of spots of beauty — Thailand, New Zealand, Norway, Dead Sea & Costa Rica. Make mine Fiji

Just over two weeks ago I was in Fiji at the luxurious and isolated Yasawa Island Resort. Each of only 18 spacious bures, as the private cottages are called,  has a view through the trees of a lovely sand beach and the improbably blue waters of the South Pacific. I  had my choice of stretching out on a comfortable bed or a couch indoors, or outside a day bed on the porch, a chaise under a thatched roof or a hammock between the trees I don’t often get a chance to enjoy such pure tranquility.

Each of the 18 Yasawa Island Resort's luxurious bures has its own thatched palapa with a view of the beach and the sea.
The experience made me very receptive to an  offer from Yuli Linssen Kaminitz of EasyToBook to provide a guest post on “the five most peacefulplaces on Earth.” I accepted, though I am not sure how an island that attracts “thousands” and is known forits monthly  beach parties, or Norway’s “vibrant cities” with “great nightlife” equate with tranquility. Still, it’s her list, not mine — and images she provided are  definitely tranquil.  Here are her recommendations:
The Five Most Tranquil Places on Earth by Yuli Linssen Kaminitz
White sandy beach, palm trees, green jungle, fresh juice shakes and fisherman boats, what else do you need? Koh Phangan is a small island that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Aside from chilled out atmosphere and breath taking surroundings, Koh Phangan is also famous for its monthly Full Moon Party. The party itself is a big reason for the popularity of the island. Once a month, during full moon, a huge party festival occurs in Haad Rin, the main beach of Koh Phangan. Even if you are not fan of beach parties, it is still worth to go and check it out. Thailand is warm throughout the entire year so make sure to bring your bathing suit and a lot of sunscreen!
New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it explains why the entire “Lord of the rings” saga was filmed there. In New Zealand you don’t need to travel to a certain touristic location in order to enjoy the view, it is gorgeous everywhere! This relatively small country looks as if it was painted by an artist; blue lakes, ice glaciers, impressive mountains and huge oak trees are all part of the scenery. There are many different things to do in New Zealand but you should not count on too much mingling; the people who travel there like to enjoy the nature calmly and camp in secluded areas. The nicest thing about New Zealand is the fact that you can get a taste from both worlds: when you want some quiet you just stay in the nature area and when you feel like a bit more busyness, you can just travel to one of their main cities such as Auckland or Christchurch.
Norwegians people love nature and their respect for the environment is clearly seen when visiting this extremely green country. In many cases Norway might ring a bell to some of you only when talking about very cold places. However, Norway has so much more to offer other than that. Cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim are not only shockingly beautiful but also vibrant and offer great nightlife. If you want to see the country at its best go to visit one of Norway’s many national parks, they are so amazing you won’t be able to stop taking photos with your camera! Aside from the gorgeous national parks Norway is known for its stretched coastline, luxury ski resorts and huge waterfalls.
The Dead Sea, (also called the Salt Sea) is located 423 meters below sea level and that makes it the lowest elevation on the earth’s surface on dry land. This amazingly peaceful and quiet place was one of the first health resorts in the world and that is thanks to its fresh air and nurturing water. People from all over the world come to the Dead Sea not only for a vacation purpose, but also with a doctor recommendation, in case of skin diseases. The Dead Sea is proven to help relief skin problems and the strong sun there is apparently not as harmful like in other warm places. Because the sea is full with salt it is impossible to swim there, but you will be able to float in the water, an activity that still make people shocked after many times there. The Dead Sea produces amazing cosmetic products that are being sold all over the world. One of their very famous best-sellers is a facial and skin mud that moisturizes the skin and leaves it clean and fresh. This mud is available all over the Dead Sea and for just a small amount you will be able to cover yourself in it!
There is no better way to finish our list but with this stunning beach location. Just by reading the name, (Costa Rica sounds so exotic) you get the warm feeling of breath taking sunsets, tropical beaches and delicious cuisine. Costa Rica is the ultimate place to have a relax holiday where you can count on a lot of resting, eating, drinking and swimming. For those of you who like to be a bit more active, there are plenty of things to do here as well; Snorkelling, surfing and fishing are just some of the options you can pick from. Even though Costa Rica is an isolated location, it is still very accessible to reach, just 45 minutes by plane or three hours by car. Note: I am sure that Yuli means that Costa Rica's coasts are 45 minutes by air or a few hours by car -- not that this Central American country itself is that distance from whatever her reference point might be.