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Planning My VicariousTravels

With spine surgery scheduled, I’m planning weeks of vicarious travel.

BestAmericcanTravel2012Despite two years of escalating back pain, I’ve tried everything except Rolfing and narcotic painkillers to avoid surgery. I kept going with the help of Salonpas patches and Bayer Back and Body. But now, I’ve finally resigned myself and have minimally invasive spine surgery scheduled for January 29.

Despite my misery, I traveled when I could during most of the last two years, thinking if I’m in pain, I might as well be someplace new. But now the surgery is planned, and I know that I’ll be house-bound for a while. I will probably wistfully watch The Travel Channel and have bought a couple of books. The first one I plan to crack is The Best American Travel Writing 2012, where my vicarious companions will be some of the best travel writers around today.