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A Sunny Afternoon in Bavaria

Glorious view, easy trail, luscious lunch make for an easy-going Alpine experience

The first part of of my 2 1/2 weeks in Germany were “magnificent-ized” with glorious fall weather under a big blue dome. Then, low clouds and periodic drizzles literally clamped a gray lid over the compelling cityscapes, achingly picturesque villages and wonderful scenery.

But on my last day in southern Germany — just two days ago — the clouds lifted again and the sun shone for one last time. My cousins who live in Bad Reichenhall, not far from the Austrian border, always find excursions. On Tuesday, we took one last drive into the mountains, one last walk on a welcoming path  and one last lunch in the sun on the terrace of an Alpine inn called the Zipfhäusl.

The Zipfhäusl is at one of the many access points to a gentle trail that follows an old wooden pipeline from Berchtesgaden's old saltworks to the "Saline," the salt plant in Bad Reichenhall.
The Watzmann, Germany's second-highest peak, emerging from the clouds, with meadows like green velvet and grazing cattle in the foreground.
My cousins and I on the wide, smooth walking path that is nicknamed Rentner's Rennweg, which translates to "retiree's racetrack."
Germknödel, pronounced with a hard G, is a classic Austro-Bavarian dessert composed of a plum jam-filled yeast dumpling topped with poppyseeds and served with vanilla cream sauce.
I will always treasure two memories of this afternoon: quality time with my cousins and the beautiful Watzmann kissed with the season's first snow.

Yesterday (Wednesday), my lo-o-o-omg travel day, began before sunrise and in the rain with a train ride Munich and ended more than 18 hours in the Colorado afternoon sun. It was easier to leave on a wet and chilly morning — but with memories of the previous day warming my heart.